What Causes Tires to Wear Unevenly?

What causes tires to wear unevenly? Several factors can cause uneven tire tread wear. But first, did you know that your tire tread wear has a significant impact on vehicle performance? Uneven tire wear can cause issues such as suspension misalignment, reduced gas mileage, and more. This is why it’s important to understand what cause tries to wear unevenly. Munster driving conditions, your driving habits, extreme weather, and other factors cause uneven tire wear.

There are small precautions to take toward mitigating uneven tire tread wear. But, if you suspect your tires are worn past the point of preserving tire tread wear, you can schedule service online at Webb Ford, and we’ll install your new tires!

Why Tire Tread Wear Matters

The grip provided by your tire tread is what gives you vehicle control whether you drive on dry roads, through inclement weather, or off-road near Schererville. Your tire treads need as much contact with the road surface as possible to maintain proper vehicle control. Uneven tire wear means there is less tread-to-road contact which can cause you to lose traction, making it difficult to maintain proper control of your vehicle. Below, we have highlighted two of the most common causes of premature tire tread wear or uneven tire wear.

Uneven Tire Tread Wear from Improper Inflation

Properly inflated tires allow the proper operation of your vehicle’s moving parts, including turning, weight distribution, braking, ride quality, and handling. Over or under-inflated tires can cause uneven tire wear causing your vehicle to feel less stable, especially during highway speeds.
This can lead to loss of traction and control, particularly during evasive maneuvers to avoid an obstacle. Over time, your tire’s tread wears even faster, leading to a bald patch and uneven tire wear. Even with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it’s important to regularly check tire air pressure, particularly in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Suspension Misalignment

Having your vehicle suspension aligned is part of regular maintenance and, when overlooked, can cause significant challenges to your steering system, bearings, and joints. The weakening of these components can lead to major problems in the future. And in the short term can lead to uneven tire tread wear and possible tire blowouts. Significant road hazards such as hitting potholes, curbs, or other impacts can cause suspension misalignment.

Having your alignment checked or corrected during routine maintenance can help prevent these issues so you can maintain proper control over your vehicle. Our factory-certified service technicians know your vehicle best and can ensure your vehicle has proper alignment and other maintenance, including genuine Ford parts.

Webb Ford Delivers Tire and Other Services

If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s tire tread wear or other performance issues, our service department can help. If your uneven tire wear has caused irreversible tire tread wear, we also have the proper tires in stock for your Ford vehicle. Check out our service specials and then contact our service team at Webb Ford if you’re in the Griffith area, and we’ll have you taken care of in no time!