How Much is an Oil Change?


Munster drivers in need of an oil change may be wondering: how much is an oil change? While the price may vary depending on the vehicle you drive, the type of oil the engine requires, and labor costs, a typical oil change ranges anywhere from $35 to $75. Learn more about what goes into oil change prices and schedule your oil change with the expert service team at Webb Ford!

Different Oil Change Costs

Different vehicles have different requirements when it comes to the oil in their engines. Here are some of the reasons why your oil change cost may vary:

  • There are three main types of oil used in car engines: synthetic, conventional, and synthetic blends. Synthetic oil is more expensive than the other two due to its longevity and high performance in premium engines. Consult your owner’s manual to see what kind of oil your engine requires to get an idea of how much your oil change will cost. 
  • Dealership service departments will rarely charge you more than the cost of the oil and labor. In addition, a rotating list of service specials can help bring your oil change price near Highland down even further. 
  • If you have a new vehicle, your warranty may include free routine maintenance such as oil changes for a certain period of time. 

Stopping in for an oil change is also a good time to have any problem areas on your vehicle inspected. Our team will be happy to run through a quick inspection of your vehicle, note any potential issues, and provide recommendations for your next service appointment. 

Why Trust Webb Ford for an Oil Change?

Besides a convenient location near Schererville and Griffith, using Webb Ford’s service team for your oil change offers several perks:
  • Our expert staff of certified technicians knows your vehicle inside and out. They only use the best genuine OEM parts for your Ford, so you know you’re vehicle is being taken care of to the best of our ability.
  • If your vehicle is covered by a maintenance plan, your oil change cost may be reduced or included entirely.
  • Many drivers believe that an oil change at their corner auto shop will be cheaper than a dealership– that’s often not the case! Call us for current pricing at 219-924-3400.

Visit Webb Ford for a Great Oil Change Price Near Highland!

Is your Ford ready for an oil change? Then contact Webb Ford to set up a service appointment with our qualified team and we’ll have your car serviced in our state-of-the-art facility in no time!