What are the Advantages of Genuine Ford OEM Parts?


If you need a new oil filter or to replace a dead taillight, looking through all the options can be daunting. With so many part manufacturers, how do you choose a part that will be reliable for all your Munster drives? The best way to ensure you receive reliable, trustworthy parts for your Ford is to order genuine Ford OEM parts. Learn more about the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts and see why our expert service team at Webb Ford only ever uses Ford parts when servicing your vehicle.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Any car name you see associated with OEM, like Ford, means that those parts were created by the vehicle manufacturer for the makes and models it creates. These parts are designed to be compatible with all the various models the manufacturers create and are the parts your car came with when brand new.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts may try to fit a wide range of makes and models, meaning you may have to do extra research to find a part that fits correctly. Some parts may even need to be cut down or adjusted to fit your vehicle, meaning the fit won’t be right and the part may not last as long. If it’s an exterior piece, you’ll rarely find an aftermarket part that matches the color you need. If this is the case, you may need extra detailing work to make sure the part doesn’t stand out on your Schererville commutes.

Benefits of Ford OEM Parts

The one benefit of aftermarket parts is that they can be less expensive than genuine OEM parts. When it comes to buying parts for your Ford, though, the benefits of buying Ford OEM parts far outweigh the slightly higher cost:
  • Quality: Aftermarket parts, while affordable, are often only cheap due to their use of inferior materials. These materials are more prone to failure, meaning you’ll be replacing them more often, negating any cost savings. Ford OEM parts will have a higher level of quality and last much longer than any aftermarket alternative.
  • Performance: Ford parts are designed specifically for your vehicle. No matter what part you need, the parts you receive will have your Ford performing at its optimal level.
  • Selection: As mentioned before, there is a wide selection of aftermarket parts, which can be confusing. Finding the right parts, and ones that fit, can be tough. When you visit our Ford parts center at Webb Ford, our team will know the exact part you need and eliminate the hassle of researching.
  • Parts Warranty: Most genuine Ford OEM parts are covered by a 2-year/unlimited-mileage warranty, so you can feel confident on all your drives around Griffith.
  • Vehicle Warranty: If your new Ford is still under warranty, the use of aftermarket parts can void your warranty coverage. Always use Ford parts when maintaining your new Ford vehicle!

Order Your Next Genuine Ford OEM Parts From Webb Ford!

Ready to order some Ford OEM parts? Contact Webb Ford’s parts department or order parts online to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. If you’d rather save yourself the time and effort of maintaining your vehicle at home, contact our service department and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment to have your vehicle serviced by our qualified technicians!