How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

Ford Mykey

Not sure how to turn off Ford MyKey? The Ford MyKey technology is there to help legal guardians ensure their teen drivers are driving responsibly around Highland. The MyKey system helps to promote safe and consistent driving habits such as limiting vehicle speed, decreasing audio volume, and seatbelt usage during all their Schererville adventures. Our service team at Webb Ford put together a guide on the Ford MyKey disable process so you can disable the system once your teen is ready.

The Process: How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

If you’re driving a new Ford, your vehicle may be equipped with the MyKey system enabled with the admin key or admin key fob. Here is the step-by-step process on how to turn off the Ford MyKey system and return back to your settings.
  • Start your car and wait for the display screen to turn on
  • Press the left arrow button on your steering wheel-mounted information display controls to access the main menu
  • Select “Settings” on the main menu by pressing “OK”
  • Once in “Settings,” scroll until you see “MyKey” and press “OK”
  • Search for “Clear MyKey”
  • Press and hold “OK” until you see the message “All MyKeys are Cleared”

What is Ford MyKey?

Since you know the Ford MyKey disable process, you might wonder what the Mykey system can do for Griffith drivers. Just like the Ford SYNC®FordPass, and Fort Remote Start, the MyKey system improves security and safety for drivers as they complete their daily Munster commute.

Ford MyKey allows one driver (or “admin”) to program restrictions for other keys used to operate the vehicle. Typically, this system is used for less experienced or teenage drivers.

How to Program Individual Keys with Ford MyKey

You know how to turn off Ford MyKey; let’s take a closer look at how to turn it on and program it for individual drivers:

  • Choose the key you wish to program and put it into the ignition. If your vehicle has push-button start, you can utilize the backup key slot.
  • Access the main menu and navigate to “Settings.”
  • Select “MyKey” and then “Create MyKey” from the menu.
  • The system will ask you to select “OK” in order to label the current key as a MyKey.

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