How to Change a Tire


Changing a car tire is a valuable skill that can really come in handy around Munster. Maybe you want to swap your summer tires for winter tires or maybe you’re dealing with a flat on the Schererville highways. Either way, Webb Ford is here to teach you how to change a tire like a pro. Learn more service tips from our experts, and stop by our dealership in Highland for all of your automotive needs!

Changing a Ford Car Tire

Before you get to work changing a car tire, you’ll want to gather up your tools: a jack, lug wrench, spare tire or new tire(s), and your owner’s manual. Then follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you’re in a safe place to work. If you get a flat tire while traveling, be sure to pull off the road to a space where you can work undisturbed.
  2. Apply the parking brake and wheel wedges under the other tires.
  3. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap from the tire, and loosen the lug nuts.
  4. Use the jack to raise your vehicle and remove the lug nuts.
  5. Remove the current tire and mount the new or spare tire.
  6. Tighten the lug nuts, then lower your vehicle back to the ground.

How Many Miles Can You Go on a Spare Tire?

If you’re changing a car tire after getting a flat, it’s important to remember that your spare tire is not built for long-term driving. Most spares can only be driven for 50 miles or so, and most can’t handle speeds above 50 mph. Be sure to get your replacement tire installed as soon as possible!

How Often Should You Change Car Tires?

So, how often do you need to buy a replacement set of tires? Determining how often to change car tires will depend on a few factors. The most important factor is maintenance. Do you keep up with your tire rotations? Do you keep your tires properly inflated? Do you check the tread levels regularly? The better you care for your tires, the better the chance of getting the full mileage promised.

How to Put Air in Your Tires

Properly inflated tires lead to better performance, better handling, better fuel economy, and lowered risk of blowouts on the Griffith roads. If you’ve never topped off your tires, no need to worry! The process is simple.

  • Find a gas station with an air fill station.
  • Park your vehicle by the air dispenser and ensure that the hose can reach every tire.
  • Remove the cap on the tire valve of the first tire.
  • Check the air pressure with your tire gauge. It’s good to do this step at home while your tires are still cold, because driving to the gas station can warm up the rubber and cause a false reading.
  • Use the air hose to add small amounts of air in short bursts while checking the tire gauge each time.
  • Repeat the process with all four tires.

Get Expert Car Care at Webb Ford

Now you know how to change a tire and how often to change your car tires, but what if you still have unanswered questions? Contact us at Webb Ford. Our team would be happy to help you with your maintenance and service needs. We’re located in Highland, so schedule your next appointment today!