Ford Scheduled Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide
Did you know that there is a specific Ford maintenance schedule for your vehicle? There are specific service tasks that should be performed at certain times to keep your Ford vehicle at its optimal performance. The experienced techs in our authorized Ford service center are equipped to help you keep up with your vehicle’s service schedule so that it can continue to run in top shape on our Highland roads. That’s why we’ve put together the Ford scheduled maintenance guide below.

The Ford Maintenance Schedule

The Ford maintenance schedule starts at 7,500 miles, and keeps going every 7,500 to 10,000 miles after that. There are additional Ford service tasks scheduled after 100,000 miles. We recommend that every Munster driver who owns a Ford to keep up with this schedule. Please follow the Ford scheduled maintenance guide below:
  • Every 7,500 to 10,000 miles – Oil change, tire rotation, filter replacement, multi-point inspection, lubricate unsealed joints, brake and parking brake inspections, exhaust system and cooling system inspections
  • Every 100,000 miles – Replace spark plugs
  • Every 120,000 miles – Replace engine air filter
  • Every 140,000 miles – Inspect accessory drive belts
  • Every 150,000 miles – Replace accessory drive belts, replace transmission fluid (if manual transmission), replace orange coolant, change the engine air filter

Extended Ford Service Plans & Warranty Coverage

Adhering to the Ford maintenance schedule is important, not only to keep your car running, but also to comply with the terms of your warranty. But Schererville drivers can protect their vehicles even more with these extended service plans:
  • PowertrainCARE – covers 29 components within the engine, transmission, RWD, and FWD
  • BaseCARE – 84 covered components with additions such as steering, brakes, front suspension, A/C and heating, and electrical components
  • ExtraCARE – coverage for 113 components related to tech and convenience features such as keyless entry and power window motors
  • PremiumCARE – covers over 1,000 components to provide the ultimate care and maintenance for your vehicle

Schedule Your Ford Service with the Service Center at Webb Ford, Inc.

Our service center is ready to help you keep up with the Ford maintenance schedule. So, schedule your next service schedule appointment with us. And, if you found this guide to be helpful, take a look at our posts on how long brake pads last and how to jump start a car. We’re just down the road from Griffith and we’re here to help, so drop by or contact us today!