What is EV Range Anxiety?


As more electric vehicles enter the market and appear regularly on Munster roads, some drivers aren’t convinced. Where can you charge up? What if you go on a road trip? What happens if you run out of power while driving? All these questions can be attributed to something called EV range anxiety. What is EV range anxiety? It’s a common fear among Schererville drivers considering going electric of getting stranded in their low-charged EV with no charging station in sight. Learn more about EV range anxiety, how to alleviate it, and why it’s disappearing with this guide from Webb Ford.

The EV Range Anxiety Definition

There is no strict EV range anxiety definition, but, as mentioned before, it generally refers to the fear that drivers have of getting stranded in an electric vehicle. Whether it’s because they don’t think the electric charging grid is robust enough or they fear forgetting to charge overnight and running late the next day, EV range anxiety stops many drivers from switching to electric. 

Take this scenario: You’re getting your kids ready for school one morning, and you find out you forgot to plug the car in the night before. You turn the car on and realize the battery is low. The anxiety you feel as you rush off and start your day about getting the kids to school on time, getting to work, running errands, and finding a charging station around Griffith is considered EV range anxiety. 

How to Alleviate EV Range Anxiety

An important part of coping with EV range anxiety is recognizing that gas range anxiety happens, too! Take that same scenario from above and instead of charging, imagine your fuel indicator is hovering over the “E”. You still have to get the kids to school, still have to get to work, and find a gas station, hoping you don’t end up on the side of the road in the meantime. Range anxiety is not new — the only difference is what fuels the engine!

Still nervous about keeping your car charged? Consider these tips:

  • Install a Home Charging Station: The easiest solution for all your day-to-day driving situations is to have an EV charging station installed at home. That way you can plug your car in overnight and know that, no matter what life throws at you the next day, your car will be topped up and ready to ride the Schererville roads.
  • Familiarize Yourself With Your Charging Network: Many electric vehicle manufacturers will have a preferred charging system and will give customers digital tools to find their nearest charging station. For instance, the Ford BlueOval™ Charge Network has over 75,000 stations across the US which you can find and map on your FordPass App!
  • Consider a Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid Instead: If you’re still worried about charging, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle, like the 2022 Ford Escape, uses electric batteries for certain parts of the engine but can rely on gas if need be. 
  • Rent a Gas-Powered Car for Road Trips: Planning a road trip with an EV does take extra time, and you have to take charging stations and time into account. Instead, rent a gas-powered car for the trip and factor it into your budget for the trip. 

Learn More About Electric Vehicles with Webb Ford!

With the new Ford EV vehicles getting upwards of 200 miles per charge and a nationwide effort to add more charging stations to the ever-expanding grid, EV range anxiety may soon be a thing of the past! Any questions about EVs, hybrids, or charging? Contact Webb Ford, and our helpful staff will be happy to help with any questions you have.