What are the Advantages of Genuine OEM Ford Parts?


When you bring your Ford vehicle into a Highland Ford service center for regular maintenance or repairs, the technicians will only use genuine Ford OEM parts. Why should genuine Ford parts be used as opposed to aftermarket parts? In short: aftermarket parts are produced in bulk and they aren’t designed to fit your specific model, whereas Ford OEM parts are custom made for your Ford vehicle. Keep reading with the service experts at Webb Ford as we break down the advantages of genuine Ford parts.

Ford OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts: What’s the Difference?

Schererville shoppers often wonder what differentiates Ford OEM parts vs. aftermarket parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and in the case of Ford OEM parts, these components are made by Ford for Ford vehicles. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are produced by third party manufacturers and are often designed to be compatible with a wide variety of makes and models. 

What Are the Benefits of Genuine Ford Parts

While some Munster drivers may be drawn to aftermarket parts because of their lower cost, there’s a reason why they’re less expensive than their Ford OEM counterparts. Here are just some of the benefits that Hammond shoppers can reap when solely using Ford OEM parts: 

    • Higher Quality: Aftermarket parts are less expensive because they’re made of cheaper materials. As a result, this often leads them to fail and negate any initial savings.
    • Better Performance: Ford OEM parts are designed for your specific model, meaning that they fit properly and perform so that your vehicle operates at its best. 
  • Better Selection: Because aftermarket parts are produced to fit as many makes and models as possible, it can be confusing for Griffith shoppers to find the actual part that they need. However, when you visit a Ford parts department, they’ll make sure that you get the exact part for your vehicle.
  • Parts Warranty: Genuine Ford parts are covered by a 2-year/unlimited-mileage warranty, whether driving around Merrillville or across the country.
  • Vehicle Warranty: If you’ve recently purchased a new Ford that’s still under warranty, using aftermarket parts can potentially void your warranty coverage. 

Find the Parts Your Vehicle Needs at Webb Ford

When your Ford is in need of new parts, the parts center at Webb Ford carries a wide range of components so you’re guaranteed to find what you need. Order parts online then reach out to us at 219-924-3400 to schedule a service appointment and have them installed!