What is Ford EcoBoost®?


If you’ve been browsing our new and used inventories of Ford vehicles, you’ve likely come across models that feature Ford EcoBoost®. But, what exactly is Ford EcoBoost® and what does it do? EcoBoost® is the name of Ford’s lineup of turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engines. Not only are Ford EcoBoost® engines more powerful than traditional combustion engines, but they also deliver better fuel economy ratings. Keep reading with Webb Ford to learn more about EcoBoost® and how EcoBoost® engines work! 

What Does a Ford EcoBoost® Engine Do?

Now that you know what Ford EcoBoost® is, let’s dive into how these engines are capable of delivering such superior performances. Unlike in conventional engines where a lot of the power is consumed by the exhaust, in a Ford EcoBoost engine, the turbocharger utilizes the exhaust’s force and pushes more air into the engine, creating more power. What does this mean for your Munster drives? Ultimately, when you’re behind the wheel of a Ford model with EcoBoost®, you can enjoy a more responsive and energetic driving experience.

How Does a Ford EcoBoost® Engine Work?

To execute this powerful drive on Munster roads, EcoBoost® uses the following three technologies:

  • Turbocharging: The energy that’s produced by the exhaust rotates a turbine that’s paired with a compressor. Together, they pressurize the air coming into the combustion chamber, resulting in nearly instantaneous power.
  • Direct Fuel Injection: Direct injection is a high-pressure fuel system that sends the exact right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber, improving the vehicle’s efficiency.
  • Twin Independent Variable Camshafting Timing (Ti-VCT): Ti-VCT controls the intake and exhaust valves continuously while the engine is working. Its precise timing maximize the vehicle’s torque output and reduces fuel consumption. 

What Ford Models Have EcoBoost®?

When you’re ready to upgrade your Schererville drives with the power and efficiency of a Ford EcoBoost® engine, you’ll be happy to know that there are many models that feature this engine. These models include:

Learn More About Ford Technology & Features with Webb Ford

The Ford EcoBoost® engine is just one of the brand’s game-changing features. Continue your Ford research to learn more about the OEM exclusive technologies and its models. Then, if you have any questions or if you’d like to test drive one of the models with EcoBoost®, give us a call today. We’re just a short drive from Griffith, and we’re always ready to help!