How Long Does it Take to Order a Car?


Can you buy a car directly from the manufacturer? Yes, you can! What’s more, when you factory order a car, you’re able to get the exact model and features you want, instead of depending on an individual store’s inventory in the Schererville and Griffith area. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for the vehicle to be built, which can take a little longer than it used to due to chip shortages. Get estimated times for factory ordering a vehicle, and learn more about the process with Webb Ford!

How Long Does it Take to Factory Order a Car?

If you’re interested in a custom car, you may be wondering, “How long does it take to factory order a car?” Exact wait times can depend on the model, and it’s also important to note that some wait times may be longer than normal depending on supply chain issues. Here are current estimated wait times for popular Ford models:

  • Ford Mach-E Wait Time- 20+ weeks
  • Ford Maverick Wait Time- 20+ weeks
  • Ford Ranger Wait Time- 15+ weeks

For times on other Ford models, feel free to reach out to us today at Webb Ford near Munster!

How to Order a Car From a Factory

Not sure how factory ordering a car works? Find out how to factory order a car from a factory below:

  • Use the “Build & Price” tool on our custom order page.
  • Once you submit your form, a sales representative will reach out. We’ll review your order with you and provide you with a final price. 
  • Next, you’ll meet with our financing team to get approved for an auto loan. 
  • Complete your paperwork and pay your deposit. 
  • We’ll reach out to you with updates on your vehicle and when it will be ready. 
  • Once your new Ford has arrived, we can discuss trading in your current vehicle if you desire. 

Factory Order a Car at Webb Ford in Highland

If you desire a custom Ford, you can factory order your car today at Webb Ford. However, if you need a new vehicle sooner, you’ll find a variety of models available in our new vehicle inventory. We also make it easy to reserve a Ford so you’re first in line when it hits our dealership.