Can You Put Premium Gas in Any Car?

When something is labeled as “premium”, we assume that it’s better than the alternatives, no matter what. In regards to fuel, when you have a choice between regular and premium gas, you may end up wondering whether filling up with premium gas will give you better performance results. So, can you put premium gas in any car and have your car perform better on the Munster roads? No, not exactly. Read on to learn more about the best fuel type for your car and more from the service team at Webb Ford.

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas?

At your next stop at a Schererville gas station, you’ll notice a few different fuel options available to you, all with different numbers below them. Those numbers– usually marked as 87, 89, and 91– indicated the fuel’s octane levels, which indicate how much it can be compressed before it ignites. Standard engines perform best with regular gas, or gas with an octane level of 87. While you can put premium gas in these engines, you’ll gain no additional benefits beyond what regular gas can provide.

If you have anything but a standard engine, though, you may want to consider fuel of a higher octane level. A vehicle built for exceptional performance, like the Ford Mustang, will have an advanced engine, usually labeled as turbocharged or supercharged. These names let you know that their compression ratio is higher than a standard engine, requiring a fuel with octane levels of 89 or 91 for optimal function. Using regular, 87-octane, gas in these engines can lead to “fuel knocks” or early fuel ignition, which can damage your engine.

What Type of Gas Does My Car Take?

To find out whether you should be filling up with premium or regular gas before your Griffith commutes, read on to learn more about your fuel options and how to get the best performance out of your vehicle!

Can You Put Premium Gas in Any Car?

Yes, it is possible to put premium gas in any car, even a car with a standard engine. However, it will provide no additional benefits and you’ll end up spending more at the gas station for no change in performance.

What Kind of Gas Does My Car Take?

The best way to know what kind of gas your car takes is to read your owner’s manual. If you’re having trouble finding the information, a general rule of thumb is to look at the type of car you drive:

  • If your car is a luxury or high-performance model, it probably takes premium fuel.
  • If your car is a more mainstream model, it probably will do fine with regular fuel.

Still having trouble deciding? Contact our service department and our friendly technicians will be happy to help you figure out what kind of gas your car takes.

What Happens If I Put Premium Gas in a Standard Engine?

Nothing of note will occur. You’ll receive no added benefits from using premium gas in a standard engine and you’ll end up spending more at the pump. If the opposite should happen– putting regular gas into a high-performance engine– you risk a lower performance and possible engine damage due to fuel knocks. Always double-check your fuel type before filling!

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