Can You Put Gas in a Running Car?


Is it bad to put gas in a running car? Plenty of Munster drivers have heard the legends about the risks involved in pumping gas with the engine still running. Is this reality or just a myth? The service team at Webb Ford can provide you with all the details about the facts around fueling up around Griffith, so you can avoid any surprise trips to the service center in Highland!

Can You Pump Gas with Your Car On?

Can you pump gas with your car on? Yes. But, is it bad to put gas in a running car? Also yes. You may have seen warning signs in gas stations instructing you against fueling up with a running car, but many drivers still take the risk – and many find that nothing happens. However, under the wrong circumstances, this small risk can lead to big damages.

Is It Bad to Put Gas in a Running Car at the Schererville Pump?

In the absolute worst-case scenario, pumping your gas with the engine running will lead to a fire. This is because when you pump gas, gas vapors are released into the environment. At the same time, a running car emits a great deal of heat and electricity. If it happens that the gas vapors encounter either the heat or electricity, there is a chance that they could ignite and cause a fire.

What Else Should I Avoid?

If there is excess static electricity this can also lead to the gas vapors igniting under particularly unlucky conditions. We recommend touching something to discharge any static electricity from your body before you touch the gas pump to prevent a flash fire from occurring.

There are a few other things to avoid when pumping gas at the Griffith stations. Try to avoid smoking, vaping, and spending too much time on your phone. All of these activities can bring heat, electricity, and static back into your environment and reduce your safety at the pump.

Explore More Service Tips with the Webb Ford Team!

So, is it bad to put gas in a running car? Well, we definitely don’t recommend it. The service team at Webb Ford is here to help with any questions about your automotive safety, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Get more service tips from us or visit our dealership in Highland!