What is Ford Credit?

2021 Ford F-150 driving through a river

Ford Credit is the financial branch of the Ford Motor Company. Highland shoppers looking to purchase a new Ford vehicle can benefit from this Ford financing program as it offers flexible payment options, no mileage restrictions, no extra wear and tear charges, and more! Plus, with multiple options available, no matter your financial circumstances, there’s a Ford Finance plan that will work for you. Keep reading to learn more about the program with the experts at Webb Ford. 

Buying vs. Leasing With Ford Credit 

With Ford Credit, Schererville shoppers can choose to either buy or lease. Here’s a breakdown of the available plans for both options, below:

Buying With Ford Credit 

  • Standard Purchase: This plan offers Munster drivers flexible payment terms and allows them to customize their Ford model. Additionally, there are no mileage restrictions and no extra wear and tear charges — and because each payment you make builds equity, your next Ford vehicle purchase will come at a lower price. New, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles all qualify for the Standard Purchase plan. 
  • Flex Buy: Hammond drivers who opt for the Flex Buy program will be awarded a special payment plan that consists of lower payments during the first few years of ownership. You must purchase a new vehicle to quality and there is only one term available. 

Leasing With Ford Credit

  • Red Carpet Lease: This plan offers a variety of terms and benefits, including seven available mileage options. An Advance Payment Program allows you to settle all of your lease payments in one lump sum that will usually be less money than what the total of your monthly payments would have been. The Red Carpet Lease also provides several lease-end opportunities. When your contract is up, you can purchase or lease a new Ford, buy the lease vehicle at a previously determined price, or return the vehicle. >

What Are the Benefits of Ford Credit?

Shoppers from Griffith to Merrillville often ask, “What are the benefits of Ford Credit?” First and foremost, the Ford Credit program is designed with you in mind. You’ll have access to plenty of helpful resources to guide you through the car-buying process, so you’ll be able to visit the dealership and make a well-informed decision. Not only that, but Ford Credit also offers personal assistance from their own finance specialists, and they’re more than happy to work with you should you fall ill, get into an accident, or if you require payment relief if you’ve become a victim of a natural disaster. 

Used Ford Credit to Buy a Ford Vehicle at Webb Ford 

If you’ve been eyeing a Ford Explorer or a Ford F-150, turn to the experts at Webb Ford to help you secure the best Ford finance plan possible. Contact us today to get to the process started and we’ll get you behind the wheel of your dream Ford in no time!

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