How Often Do I Change My Cabin Air Filter?

Cabin Air Filter
The cabin air filter plays an important role in the comfort of your vehicle on Munster roads and beyond. It traps particles and pollutants and prevents them from being circulated into the air inside the cabin, resulting in cleaner, healthier air for you and your passengers. Many people wonder how often to change a cabin air filter, and the general recommendation is every 15,000 miles. Consult your owner’s manual for an exact timeframe. In this guide, our service team at Webb Ford shares what you need to know about the role of cabin air filters and how to replace them.

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

Before we get into the steps of changing a filter, let’s answer the question, “What does a cabin air filter do?” The air filter catches dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other fine particles and pollutants so they can’t get inside the cabin and affect your air quality. With the passage of time, the particles naturally build up on the filter, and this leads to clogs that can diminish the healthiness and breathability of the air inside the cabin.

How to Tell If You Need to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

If you regularly drive on dirt or gravel roads or in areas of heavy construction, you will likely need to change your cabin air filter more frequently than every 15,000 miles. Here are some other common indicators that you need an air filter change:
  • You notice a reduction in airflow when the heating or air conditioning system is on
  • You spot an increase in dust on the interior surfaces of the cabin
  • You smell lingering musty or stale odors

How to Change a Cabin Air Filter

You can change your cabin air filter yourself, or our service technicians at Webb Ford can take care of this routine maintenance task for you. If you choose the DIY route, these are the basic steps of changing your filter yourself:
  1. Check the owner’s manual to find the location of the filter. In most cases, the filter is found under the hood or behind the glove box. With some vehicles, however, the filter may be under the dashboard; this involves more in-depth work and should be left to professionals.
  2. Put on a mask and gloves and remove the dirty air filter.
  3. Dispose of the dirty filter in the trash and replace it with a new OEM filter. If you own a Ford vehicle in the Schererville or Griffith area, contact our parts department to order a filter.

How Much Does Changing a Cabin Air Filter Cost?

The cabin air filter cost varies based on the make and model of your vehicle. In general, you can expect to spend between $35 and $100. Bear in mind that if your vehicle is still under warranty, the replacement cost may be covered. We offer regularly updated service specials to help you save on routine services like cabin air filter replacements.

Let Webb Ford Handle Your Cabin Air Filter Replacement Needs

Now that you know how often to change a cabin air filter, you can replace your own or allow us to handle it for you when the time comes. Contact us today or make an appointment online to schedule your service visit. Our team is here to help keep your vehicle in safe, reliable condition for as long as you own it.
The cabin air filter in your vehicle is probably one of those things you don’t think about that often and it likely gets overlooked. But it’s important to get regularly replaced to ensure you and your passengers are cleaning fresh air. Your cabin air filter is suggested to be changed roughly every 15,000 miles, but be sure to check your owner’s manual for the most accurate information for your vehicle.

No matter what, don’t forget you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. When you’re ready, we can also schedule service with our impressive technicians in our Highland service center.

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

A cabin air filter cleans the air entering your car’s ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems, and it keeps dirt, pollen, dust, and other pollutants from getting inside your cabin. With continued use, the filter captures those particles and can get clogged which in turn will affect the air quality in your vehicle with the filter not working properly.

Signs That it’s Time to Change a Cabin Air Filter

Certain driving conditions can expedite the need to change your filter more often. For example, if you drive around the Schererville and Munster area and come across smoke in the air from lots of construction, or even excessive dirt, it can all fill up your filter that much faster. Some signs to look for that indicate it’s time to change your air filter include but aren’t limited to:
  • Reduced airflow when your climate control systems are on
  • You see more dust than usual settling on your vehicle’s surfaces
  • Lingering unpleasant odors

How To Change a Cabin Air Filter

  1. Look in your owner’s manual to find where the filter is.
  2. Usually, the cabin air filter is located behind the glove box or under the hood, but in some cars, it’s under the dashboard and is more challenging to reach.
  3. Wear gloves and a mask when removing the dirty air filter.
  4. Place the old filter in a garbage bag, and replace it with a new Chevrolet OEM part to ensure the highest quality, fit, and durability. You can order your cabin air filter online with the Webb Ford parts center near Griffith.

How Much Does Changing a Cabin Air Filter Cost?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the cabin filter replacement could cost between $35 and $100. Be sure to check if your Chevy is still under warranty as the cost may be covered when you come on down to our Highland service center. And as always, be sure to check our service specials to see if you can save on your next service!

Rely on Webb Ford for Chevy OEM Parts

Our Webb Ford service center is here to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly. So whether you need help with your filter or you’re looking to get an oil change or tire rotation, our team can get it done. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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