Why Buy CPO Highland, IN


Why Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Ford

 There has never been a better time to purchase a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle. Buying certified pre-owned lets you choose from a huge variety of models and years to find the vehicle that's just right for you and your budget.


What exactly is a certified pre-owned vehicle? And what are the advantaged of buying certified pre-own instead of a used alternative?


What Is a CPO Vehicle?

 Unlike typical used cars, certified pre-owned vehicles come with additional benefits such as warranties and maintenance programs, as well as the extra assurance that your vehicle has met a set of strict quality standards in order to qualify for certification. Buying a vehicle that's certified pre-owned adds value and peace of mind to a big purchase.


Value and Selection

 Perhaps most importantly, buying certified pre-owned saves you money. On average, buying a two-year-old CPO vehicle will save buyers 25% compared to the brand-new model, and buyers of four-year-old CPO vehicles save an incredible 40%.


Since these savings come with additional benefits such as warranty plans and vehicle inspections, buying CPO simply saves you money. Additionally, buying CPO lets you shop around a huge variety of models and years to find the car that's perfect for you.



 Another big difference between a certified pre-owned vehicle and a used alternative is that CPO vehicles include a dealership warranty that will protect you from unexpected costs down the road. When you shop used, the best you can do is hope that nothing goes wrong. Buying CPO gives you assurance against future service costs.


Vehicle Inspection

 In order to earn the title of certified pre-owned, vehicles undergo rigorous inspection by authorized trained technicians to make sure they meet strict quality standards. Because of this, you know what you're getting upfront. This alone makes shopping certified pre-owned a much safer choice than simply opting for a used vehicle.


Sometimes buying brand-new isn't the best option for everyone. Luckily, certified pre-owned vehicles provide an excellent alternative: you get many of the benefits of buying brand-new without the uncertainty of shopping used.


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