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What do blue herons, bountiful crops, and Webb Ford all have in common? 

We all call HighlandIndiana our home. Highland was settled in 1847 when Ohioans Michael and Judith Johnston came to the area. They called it simply "Highlands," referring to their own 53 acres of acquired land. The land was swampy and marsh-like, but surrounded by a sandy ridge that hovered over the swamp-the Highlands.


The land in Highland, Indiana turned out to be perfect for growing crops of all kinds. Between the late 1800s to 1910, when the town was incorporated, crops like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions thrived. These crops were sold to surrounding areas like the sprawling cities up north. One crop that was a big piece of Highland history from the beginning was cabbage. In 1890 Highland's biggest company was one which processed and canned kraut using cabbage grown by local Dutch farmers. The sandy soil was the perfect host for these crops, and formed the history of Highland, Indiana whose ancestors grew the crops that fed Chicago.


Today Highland is home to many thriving business-including Webb Ford-plus plenty of outdoor parks and natural areas to enjoy, making it a great suburb of Chicago. One particularly unique offering is Highland's Heron Rookery. This is a haven to birdwatchers near and far, who come to look for majestic blue herons and little white egrets, plus owls and a stunning array of migratory birds. It's easy for bird experts and curious novices to enjoy the sights at the Heron Rookery, which is adorned with benches and fixed binocular. The Heron Rookery is easily accessible by foot from Highland Main Street thanks to a paved walking trail. It's just one of the many little things that continue to make Highland, Indiana a pleasant and thoughtful space to be in.

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